Palmer Communicates Conroe’s Economic Opportunities in California

20 Dec 2019

CONROE, TEXAS (December 20, 2019) – Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) Deputy Director, Laura Lea Palmer, recently participated in an economic development mission to San Francisco, California aimed at promoting the Houston region. The trip was organized by the Greater Houston Partnership and included 21 delegates from the region.

The regional economic development and business leaders met with more than 20 companies and individuals about the benefits of locating a business in the Houston region. The delegation focused on the area’s thriving business climate, which includes a pro-growth, low-cost, low-regulation environment and a talented, diverse talent pool.

Palmer spoke about the advantages of Conroe and the reasons why many companies have decided to choose Conroe for their expansion. Skilled workforce, competitive incentive opportunities, and affordable shovel-ready land were all part of the CEDC message.

“The goal of the trip was to build relationships and offer insight on why our region, and specifically Conroe, is a great fit for future expansion opportunities,” offered Palmer. “Our area has a lot to offer in terms of business opportunities. These missions help spread that message and situate Conroe well when expansions are considered.”

Palmer’s team met with the following companies on the trip: PayPal Braintree, T3 Advisors, Deloitte Tax LLP, CBRE, and Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Company. The trip also included a visit to the Samsung Design Innovation Center.