Buske Logistics Expanding Supply Chain Solutions to Conroe Park North

20 Apr 2020

CONROE, TEXAS (April 20, 2020) -Conroe Park North is growing again. With plans to open in the third quarter of 2020, Illinois-based Buske Logistics is building their newest facility in the industrial park. Founded in 1923, Buske is a logistics company specializing in warehousing and distribution.

Buske is planning to build a 145,200 square-foot warehouse, with a larger than normal truck court. The oversized truck court will allow the company additional trailer storage and better efficiency when moving product out of the facility. Construction on the project began in January.

This facility will bring approximately 20 full-time jobs to Conroe. According to Buske, most products stored in Conroe facility will be packaging for consumer goods.

Access to major interstates, proximity to existing customers, and the availability of incentives were all major factors that led Buske to choose Conroe. Infrastructure, in particular, was a key component in the site selection process.

“The existing infrastructure in and around Conroe Park North creates a smart investment for us because the structure is there. The economics make sense versus competing parks in the area,” said Buske President and Owner, John Babington.

The relationships Buske formed with representatives from the Conroe EDC, City of Conroe, and Montgomery County were also critical in the decision-making process.

“Our company worked directly with the Conroe EDC to navigate incentives and choose the right site,” offered Buske CEO and Owner, Nicholas Heinz IV. “The City and County demonstrated they wanted Buske in Conroe throughout the process. Knowing that you have an aligned partner, especially when it comes to design, permitting, and the like, is encouraging during site selection.”

The company, which operates 20 locations in the United States and Canada, has been in the Houston-area for nearly 30 years. Buske currently has five locations within Harris County, though the new Conroe facility will be their first in Montgomery County. The long-term cost savings of owning their own site was desirable to Buske leadership.

Danielle Scheiner, Executive Director of the Conroe Economic Development Council (Conroe EDC), believes adding Buske Logistics is another sign of Conroe’s strength.

“Adding Buske Logistics to rapidly expanding Conroe Park North is a win for our local economy. They could have expanded anywhere but chose Conroe for specific elements that we have worked hard to create, such as critical infrastructure and a welcoming business community,” added Scheiner. “We look forward to seeing Buske succeed in Conroe very soon.”