Deison Technology Park Provides Increased Capacity for VGXI to Manufacture Vaccines

20 Apr 2020

CONROE, TEXAS (April 20, 2020) -VGXI, Inc. recently signed as the first occupant of Conroe’s Deison Technology Park and will move its headquarters from The Woodlands to Conroe’s 248-acre Deison Technology Park. The manufacturer of plasmid DNA for vaccines and gene therapies is currently in the schematic design phase of their new campus-style office and manufacturing site which will help the company increase capacity.

In April, VGXI announced completion of manufacturing and release of a DNA vaccine to combat COVID-19. The vaccine is now in Phase I clinical trials. Since being founded in 1997, VGXI has been an industry leader in developing DNA vaccines for deadly viruses, such as Zika, Ebola and MERS.

VGXI’s planned 240,000 square-foot facility will help the company expand their business to manufacture more urgent vaccine solutions. Currently, the company’s largest fermentor is 500 liters. The facility in Conroe will allow VGXI to minimally triple production utilizing 1,500-liter fermentors. The fermentation process is used to multiply cells with DNA plasmid needed for vaccines.

The company, which also produces critical raw material for gene therapy products, has a waiting list of customers ready to work with the industry leader. When the facility is operational by January 2022, VGXI will open the doors of its state-of-the-art home to welcome those companies awaiting their business. VGXI will build the new facility in phases and eventually grow the company from 70 employees to approximately 150 in three to five years.

While company leaders understand they need a larger space to operate, the bigger decision was where to build their new home. It did not take long for VGXI to discover Deison Technology Park’s ready-made corporate environment. Dorothy Peterson, VGXI’s Chief Operating Officer, believes the modern park checks all the boxes. The Park was created as an integrated technology business community for the modern corporate campus.

“Deison Technology Park is the perfect fit for us,” offered Peterson. “We love that the land in the Park is designed to be a technology community. The fact that it is close to our current facility makes it that much better.”

According to Peterson, VGXI management loves to visit their new property, of which they are quite proud.

“Our Chief Executive Officer, Young Park, fell in love with Deison Technology Park. Every chance we get, we make a field trip to the site,” added Peterson.

VGXI’s excitement and opportunity for growth make it perfectly suited to be Deison Technology Park’s inaugural occupant. As Peterson explains, Conroe has been patiently awaiting a company like VGXI.

“I cannot tell you how many people in Conroe have told us, ‘VGXI is exactly what we have been searching for to lead Deison Technology Park.’ Conroe has been so welcoming. It fills us with pride,” said Peterson.

Peterson counts the Conroe Economic Development Council (Conroe EDC) as one of VGXI’s biggest advocates. She credits the work of the Conroe EDC team with helping VGXI navigate the waters of government process, even calling it a pleasurable experience.

“We could not have accomplished this without Danielle Scheiner and the staff at the Conroe EDC,” stated Peterson. “They advocated for the project and made sure the proper agreements were in place. It was obvious from the onset they wanted to make sure this project was mutually beneficial for everyone involved.”

For Scheiner, Executive Director of the Conroe EDC, and her team, it has been equally rewarding getting to work with VGXI on this groundbreaking project.

“VGXI’s intention to build in Deison Technology Park is incredibly exciting for Conroe, the Conroe EDC, and the future of the Park,” said Scheiner. “We have been targeting a company like VGXI to launch business in the Park. They are an ideal fit. We look forward to watching them excel in Conroe. We expect VGXI to attract other high-technology businesses to the Park.”