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Buske Logistics project in Conroe Park North

“The existing infrastructure in and around Conroe Park North creates a smart investment for us because the structure is there. The economics make sense versus competing parks in the area.”

John Babington, Buske President and Owner

Buske Logistics
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Eleet Cryogenics project in Conroe Park North

“Conroe Park North has everything we need. The infrastructure is in place, the Park is very well maintained, and we can be close to our customer base. I thought to myself on that first visit, ‘This is where I want to be.’”

Garry Sears, Founder and President/CEO of Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. 

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Texas Tissue project in Conroe Park North

“Conroe had the available land and the necessary resources to build what we needed. And from a labor standpoint, Conroe is an attractive market to recruit talent. People want to live and work there.”

Joe Suarez, Texas Tissue Chief Financial Officer

Texas Tissue
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American Furniture Warehouse project in Conroe

“Conroe checks all the boxes for what we look for when we expand: accessibility to land, infrastructure, and people. The CEDC listened to our needs and moved quickly to connect us with important resources, and the City of Conroe has been incredibly hospitable.”

Nolan Morrison, American Furniture Warehouse Executive

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VGXI project in Deison Technology Park

“I cannot tell you how many people in Conroe have told us, ‘VGXI is exactly what we've been searching for to lead Deison Technology Park.’ We could not have accomplished this without the CEDC staff. Conroe has been so welcoming. It fills us with pride.”

Dorothy Peterson, VGXI Chief Operating Officer