Economic Development is Made Here featuring 2024 Economic Development Week

Economic Development is Made Here featuring 2024 Economic Development Week Main Photo

8 May 2024

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The strength of Conroe’s robust economy took center stage during National Economic Development Week. The Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) highlighted the people, projects, and resources paving the way for Conroe’s economic growth. Showcasing success is nothing new since Economic Development is Made Here.

In front of nearly 150 stakeholders, CEDC Executive Director Danielle Scheiner provided insights at the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce’s economic development luncheon on May 6. The impact of economic development on Conroe highlighted the address. Since 1996, the CEDC has influenced 67 new business and expansion projects, generated $1.374 billion in taxable value, and created more than 4,000 jobs.

Scheiner ending her Economic Update with CEDC's contact information.

“Economic development is a team sport and we have an awesome team,” said Scheiner. “Conroe is a great place to do business. When we land a project, they typically have a good experience and never leave.”

Scheiner focused on the ways companies discover Conroe as the ideal home for their operations. Utilizing site selection data from corporations and consultants, she explained how Conroe checks many important boxes. Availability of skilled labor, tax exemptions, and highway accessibility are a few of the key factors found in Conroe.

“Conroe excels at offering businesses what they need to be successful,” offered Scheiner. 

Skilled labor continues to be one of Conroe’s top assets. The city’s growth has contributed to an influx of available workers and the trends show no sign of a slow down. Scheiner featured data from several publications that placed Conroe among the country’s fastest-growing and most desirable cities. Statistics also indicate that Conroe’s median household income is growing at a rate that is unrivaled by many fast-growing cities.

“The stats show we have the available labor that businesses covet,” Scheiner said. “We are adding advanced companies with high-paying positions. The rising tide lifts all boats.”

A slew of new projects in Conroe has put economic development top of mind. Scheiner highlighted several of these developments and explained how each benefits the community.

Sam Houston State University recently broke ground on its Health Professions Building adjacent to its thriving College of Osteopathic Medicine. When it opens in 2026, the building will be home to the university’s Doctor of Physical Therapy, Master of Science in Athletic Training, Master of Science in Dietetics, and Master of Science in Physician Assistant programs. Combined with the College of Osteopathic Medicine, this new facility will help meet the growing demand for healthcare professionals.

Lindsey Commercial is developing three projects to continue downtown Conroe’s renaissance. The Everett (114 Simonton Street), Pacific Lofts (201 North Pacific Street), Simonton-Cable (150 North Main Street) will combine historic architecture and modern amenities to bring retail, residential, and office space to downtown by 2025.

The presentation concluded with Scheiner answering audience questions. One question focused on the CEDC’s workforce partnership with Lone Star College. Scheiner described the importance of the Texas Skills Development Fund and the collaboration between industry, Lone Star College, and the CEDC. Working together has led to several new workforce programs and areas of study, producing more skilled labor and industry-ready professionals.

Economic Development Week offered the CEDC a platform to inform the community of the exciting growth happening in Conroe. Strategic decision making, collaborative partnerships, modern amenities, and an ideal location all play key roles in delivering Conroe’s economic success. The past, present, and future make it clear that Economic Development is Made Her

Attendees enjoyed a BBQ lunch from a local Chamber member. Yum!
Pictured: CEDC Staff and Conroe/Lake Conroe President, Scott Harper