Recycling Gives Conroe Companies an Economic Advantage

Recycling Gives Conroe Companies an Economic Advantage Main Photo

14 Apr 2023

More Is Made Here, Area Companies

Sustainable manufacturing processes are quickly gaining popularity as the main drivers of a circular economy. Companies across the country realize that sustainability’s economic, social and ethical advantages can lead to continued success.

The 7 R’s of the circular economy include Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle and Rot. Embracing the circular economy and incorporating sustainable business practices into their operations can help Conroe companies show that Circularity is Made Here.


Perhaps the most well-known segment of the 7 R’s is recycling. Families and businesses have used the buzzword for decades, but the fact remains much of the plastic used in the country does not get recycled. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated in 2020 that less than 9% of plastics in municipal waste streams get recycled

The recent emphasis on sustainability has given recycling new momentum. The ability to recycle products for other uses or as raw materials gives companies an economic advantage and positive exposure.

Two such companies in Conroe:

  • Lyrba USA creates shipping pallets and products suitable for food packaging from plastics with patented recycling technology at its manufacturing facility. 
  • AZ Plastics, Inc. is a full service grinding facility that sources plastic scrap in North America, sustainably cleans it and produces recycled plastic pellets that cater to specific consumer requirements.