Downtown Conroe Shows that Merry & Bright is Made Here

Downtown Conroe Shows that Merry & Bright is Made Here Main Photo

22 Dec 2020

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“Merchants are ready, and Conroe is open for business!”

The message from Frank Robinson, Conroe’s Downtown Manager, and the many Conroe businesses prepared for the holidays is one of enthusiasm and a positive outlook. Adorned with festive decorations, holiday entertainment, and plenty of local merchants, Downtown Conroe shines with holiday cheer and is the perfect place to discover why Merry & Bright is Made Here.

Beginning with the Toby Powell Conroe Christmas Celebration and tree lighting on December 1, Conroe delivers the holiday spirit for a cheerful shop local experience. Robinson believes the range of downtown merchants highlights the area as a shopping destination.

“We have a great assortment of businesses downtown,” added Robinson. “There is truly something for everyone.”

Janese Sokulski, owner of Main Street Merchants in downtown Conroe, says it has never been better to shop downtown.

“Downtown Conroe offers the walkability, variety, and festive setting for a great overall holiday shopping experience.”

Main Street Merchants boutique features homemade goods by homegrown artists and vendors. Having grown in popularity since opening in 2019, the store is stocked with specialty items that can only be found in downtown Conroe. Sokulski has noticed that shoppers are prioritizing local vendors and unique gifts this year.

“People are doing whatever they can to buy local to support small businesses right now,” added Sokulski. “Shoppers are taking the time to be more considerate about gifts, looking for items with more meaning. That approach is driving people to shop local where those uniquely special gifts are sold.”

The shop local movement is not only an important way to support Conroe businesses but also Conroe residents, according to Robinson.

“Local businesses have a vested interest in your well-being because they are also residents and members of the community. Conroe-owned businesses provide local jobs, offer critical services, and help build a sense of community.”

The ability to support local businesses in a quaint, festive environment highlights Downtown Conroe’s positive outlook. Despite the struggles COVID-19 has brought upon small businesses, the area is looking toward a successful future. Robinson, who leads the City’s planning of downtown, has found that downtown business owners are excited about what is to come. The City is working to make downtown a destination for residents and visitors.

“Downtown Conroe is growing and thriving, with new businesses coming in to offer fresh experiences,” added Robinson. “By creating positive experiences for visitors, these businesses are making it a destination.”

Sokulski, who owns numerous other businesses and properties in Downtown Conroe, believes added investments will continue to drive a strong business outlook for Conroe.

“I see Conroe becoming a destination where people say, ‘Let’s go downtown and figure out what we’re going to do tonight,’ because you will have so many things to do,” said Sokulski. “We are in a great position to grow this city.”

As Conroe continues to enhance its profile and economic outlook, a jolly holiday experience, cheerful futures, and locally made goods will help shoppers and investors understand why in Conroe, Texas, Merry & Bright is Made Here.