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You may have noticed that Montgomery County is growing?  The population is up which has led to a housing boom. Businesses are expanding, new jobs are coming and infrastructure development is churning to keep up with the county’s growth. Development and growth, however, are not always a smooth and easy process, given the effort to move people and companies into an area. Fortunately for Montgomery County, access to clean, reliable and affordable energy is a smooth process. Entergy Texas Inc. is dedicated to keeping it that way.

Entergy, an integrated utility engaged primarily in electric power production and retail distribution of electricity, provides energy to Montgomery County and 26 other counties in southeast Texas. In Texas, Entergy services approximately 434,000 customers and, while Entergy Corporation as a whole delivers electricity to 2.8 million customers in the four-state region of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

In addition to powering homes and businesses, Entergy helps drive economic development in the region wherever possible. Entergy targets companies looking to expand or locate to the communities they serve. Working with organizations like the Greater Conroe Economic Development Council (GCEDC), Entergy’s team of economic development experts are active throughout the entire economic development process.

Entergy’s Business & Economic Department focuses on the 4 R’s: Recruitment, Research, Retention, and Regional Development, according to Community Development Manager, Melissa Bochat. “Whether it is site selection or making sure the community is ready for the company’s arrival, our economic development team is there from start to finish.” said Bochat.

A site selection website is one effort that has greatly benefited Entergy’s economic development endeavors. Entergy launched the a new site,, in February with the goal of attracting site selectors and companies looking to potentially locate or expand in the four states served by its utilities. The site contains detailed regional information, showcases featured sites, including Conroe Park North and Deison Technology Park, and provides relevant news for key industries. Interested parties can search available sites by region, industry, and size.

Another specific tool that John Tarver, Senior Manager for Business Development, sees as a great asset, are community map books. “The Map Books have been very popular thus far. They answer a lot of questions that site selectors and companies have about particular sites,” noted Tarver. “It provides everything that one might want to know about the site, from infrastructure to elevation to flood hazard.”

“Our Map Books have great detail that streamlines the process for companies looking to locate here,” added Bochat.

Of course, having successful marketing tools is only worthwhile with a good product to market. Along with clean, reliable, and affordable energy, Entergy shares in the belief that the Greater Conroe area has the necessary qualities to attract business.

“This area is very attractive to companies looking to expand or locate due to a strong workforce, a high quality of life, and sustainable infrastructure,” said Steve Pilgrim, Entergy’s Director of Business and Economic Development. “Regional leadership is properly investing its resources into making sure these three things continue to keep pace, which will continue to bring business and jobs to our community.”

Pilgrim’s view on the Conroe economic climate is unique. He serves as Board Chairman for the GCEDC. In this chairman role Pilgrim helped create and implement the strategic plan for the GCEDC. Pilgrim uses one word to describe the Conroe economy: “Solid.”

“Conroe is stable because of diversification. The national economy is in strange times, yet in spite of that, Conroe continues to invest, diversify, and grow,” added Pilgrim. “The GCEDC board, with the support of the Conroe Industrial Development Corporation, the City of Conroe, and others, is dedicated to executing the new strategic plan and continuing to grow the Conroe economy.”

Tarver, Bochat and Pilgrim see the same course for the area’s economy. “I believe we will continue to see growth in and around Conroe. With its diverse profile, and development plan, growth is sustainable in Conroe,” said Tarver.

“Diverse and thoughtful are the words that come to mind for this area’s economy,” added Bochat. “Economic development is not a new phrase around here. There has been a successful vision of growth in this area for a long time and it continues to be followed today.”